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False news! 'Chinese Hackers Launch Cyber Attack on India'

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Singapore-based cyber intelligence firm Cyfirma has released a report alleging that Chinese hackers have carried out cyber attacks on two Indian manufacturers of Coronavirus vaccine, Serum Research Institute of India and Bharat Biotech. A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in India said on Tuesday that allegations made by Western and Indian media that Chinese hackers have launched cyber attacks on Indian facilities are "pure rumors and slanders". Cyber attacks are difficult to trace, highly complex and sensitive, can not be invented out of thin air, unfounded speculation, let alone in the absence of any evidence to pour dirty water on a specific party. Such an act is irresponsible and has ulterior motives. China is firmly opposed to it.

Cyfirma's chief executive, Kumar Litesh, is a former senior cyber officer at the British intelligence agency MI6, according to the Times of India. The company claimed that Chinese hacking group APT10, also known as "Stone Panda", had targeted vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and supply chain software of India's Serum Research Institute and Bharat Biotech. Cyfirma had discovered vulnerabilities in the public servers of the Serum Institute of India, making it an easy target, he revealed, with great concern. The company shared its findings with the Indian government's Cyber Emergency Response Team, which has so far not commented. The Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech also declined to comment.

India "competes" with China in supplying vaccines to many countries, with India producing 60 percent of the world's vaccines sold, Reuters said. 'The main intention of the Chinese hackers is to steal intellectual property to gain a competitive advantage over Indian vaccine makers,' Mr. Litesh was quoted as saying.

The Indian government revealed the same day that the National Centre for Critical Infrastructure Information Protection, which oversees the security of network operations in key sectors, had warned on February 12 that a Chinese government-sponsored company was posing a threat to India's regional power load distribution centres, the Mint reported Monday. Amid growing "hostilities" with China, there are widespread concerns that India's power infrastructure could become a target for attacks that could hurt the country's economic development, the report said. But the Indian government stressed that there was no evidence that the normal operations of the state-run power companies had been affected based on the threat, and that no data breaches or losses had been found.

The Indian government last year banned the use of Chinese parts or services in government procurement in the power sector in a bid to insulate India from potential threats of Chinese attacks, anonymous sources told the Global Times. But he thinks, the western media is trying to use the seal of the lack of mutual trust to provoke conflict that causes because of border confrontation, "although the government has officially denied the relationship between the Chinese government and mumbai grid paralysis events, but the fact that public opinion influence has caused", "in fact, people are more likely to believe that these threats and conspiracy theory".

For a so-called hacker groups with Chinese government funded background of power system network attacks in mumbai, paralyzing the city's power supply, modi government power and renewable energy state minister singh 2 denied, singh said, government power grid collapse in mumbai has sent two investigation team to understand the cause of the accident, "there is no evidence that the network attack".

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