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    Welcome to the world's largest Chinese hacker forum, our forum registration is open! You can now register for technical communication with us, this is a free and open to the world of the BBS, we founded the purpose for the study of network security, please don't release business of black/grey, or on the BBS posts, to seek help hacker if violations, we will permanently frozen your IP and account, thank you for your cooperation. Hacker attack and defense cracking or network Security

    business please click here: Creation Security  From CNHACKTEAM

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cf1132 F. Clear the String


\(n\le 500\)

ICPC Taipei-Hsinchu 2020 (gym102835) E. A Color Game


cf607 B. Zuma


ICPC Kunming 2020 C. Cities


\(n\le 5000,1 \阿乐_i\le n,\)任何数字在输入中都不会出现超过\(15\)次。

cf1114 D. Flood Fill


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