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UNDERGROUND - Bulletproof servers on powerful hardware with wide channels.

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Hello! We bring to your attention a service for renting virtual and dedicated servers for any task.
If you need a server for a botnet, for malware, brute, nlbrute, z668, scan, phishing, fakes and any other tasks, please contact us.

Below you can see configurations of the most popular virtual and dedicated servers.
If you do not know which configuration of server you need, write to us and we will be happy to select the best option for you.
If you need a different configuration, please let us know when you make order.
If you need Spamhaus ignore on servers, please let us know in advance.
Virtual servers:
Processor, Memory, Disk System, Price
Configuration V1 - Intel Xeon Bronze 2.9 Ghz - 5 cores / 5 GB DDR 4 / 70 GB SSD / 1 Gbit Network / 1000 CNY
Configuration V2 - Intel Xeon Silver 3.5 Ghz - 9 cores / 9 GB DDR 4 / 110 GB SSD / 1 Gbit Network / 1300 CNY
Configuration V3 - Intel Xeon Gold 3.9 Ghz - 13 cores / 13 GB DDR 4 / 150 GB SSD / 1 Gbit Network / 1600 CNY
Dedicated servers:
Configuration D1
Processor: 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2650v2, 16 cores total x 3.4 Ghz
Memory: 32 GB DDR4 RAM
Disk system: 480 GB SSD
Network: 1 Gbit/sec
Price: 2200 CNY/month
Configuration D2
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU - Total 12 cores x 4.8 Ghz
480 GB SSD
Price: 2400 CNY/month
Configuration D3
2 х E5-2680 v2 @ Total 20 cores x 3.60 GHz / 64 GB DDR 4 / 480 GB SSD
Price: 2550 CNY/month
Configuration DNL-1
2 х E5-2680 v2 @ Total 20 cores x 3.60 GHz / 128 GB RAM / 960Gb SSD+1Tb HDD
Price: 2900 CNY/month
Configuration D4
2 x Xeon E5-2680v4 3.3 GHz (28 cores) /64 GB RAM / 960Gb SSD - Total 28 cores x 3.3
Price: 3000 CNY/month
Configuration DNL-1
2 х E5-2680 v2 @ Total 20 cores x 3.60 GHz / 128 GB RAM / 960Gb SSD+1Tb HDD
Price: 3150 CNY/month
For each purchased dedicated server, free of charge, upon request, we will provide a server for scanning networks on Linux OS at a speed of 100 kpps.
Price for replacement of the IP address: 250 CNY
Servers for scanning networks on Linux OS:
Scan Speed 100 kpps = 950 CNY/month
Scan Speed 200 kpps = 1100 CNY/month
Scan Speed 400 kpps = 2100 CNY/month
Scan Speed 600 kpps = 2600 CNY/month
(Who never scanned networks on Linux, we will provide for you step-by-step instructions)
Our advantages:
- Own racks and servers in the best data centers in Russia.
- Complete anonymity of our clients (no logs).
- Protection from SpamHaus and any other complains (abuses).
- Own network channels and subnets of IP addresses.
- 1 Gb/sec channels on all our servers.
- Remote administration (KVM, IPMI and VNC) for each server (upon request).
- Free backup of all your data (upon request).
- Technical support from 8 am to 8 pm daily via telegram, jabber and TOX.
- Compensation for days of downtime.
- Quick replacement of faulty equipment.
- Server control panel (in development)
- Licensed software on servers.
- Payment using any cryptocurrency.
- Setup of a virtual server within 3 hours after payment.
- Setup of a dedicated server within 5 hours after payment.
- Available subnets of Russia and Hong Kong. 

Service rules:
⁃ Do not forget to make backups of the data of the necessary information. The service is not responsible for lost data.
⁃ Please communicate with technical support correctly. Incorrect communication is punishable by a denial of service.
⁃ We do not refund funds for paid services.
⁃ Service reserves the right to refuse service to the client without explanation.
telegram (payment / ordering servers): https://t.me/billing31337
telegram (technical support / support): https://t.me/underground31337
jabber (payment / ordering servers): [email protected]
jabber (technical support / support): [email protected]

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